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Picking the Right Color Scheme for Your Roof

It may seem unimportant, but selecting the right color of your roof can have a major impact on everything from room temperatures to energy efficiency to resale value. Painting or installing a specific color requires a lot of planning, since such large-scale work will not be relatively cheap, Below are a few tips that will help you decide during your next roof installation or repair service. These tips are mainly based on the type of roof, so you can also determine what material you want to use.

Metal roofing

When picking a light and dark color, you can make the decision based on the mere size and shape of your roof. If your home has a low or small roof, you’ll want to go with a lighter color to give your home an illusion of being larger than it actually is. Inversely, if your home has a large roof, you’ll preferably want to stick with a darker color to make the roof look less intimidating. A professional roofer can help you decide on a roof color suitable for your home.

Shingle roof

With shingles, you’ll need to determine a good color based on your home’s exterior elements. Have a look at brochures and magazines for starters. Look around in a local hardware store for samples. You’ll want the shingles to look good in any sort of weather, so view the samples in different lighting situations. A residential roofing service provider can provide professional advice based on their prior experience with other roofing projects. They’ll also know what to look at and what to consider when helping you decide on a favorable color.

Although the color will slightly affect temperatures, it will always be best to choose a color you like that fits both the structure of the home and other house designs in the neighborhood.

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