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The Types of Roofs for a Home

Advice from a Roofing Contractor

When building or renovating a home, you need to consider the type of material to use for the roof. This is usually determined by availability of materials, budget, and other factors such as climate and other environmental conditions. There are several options to choose from, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. If you are going to replace your roof, consult with a roofing contractor to help you pick from the following:

Metal roof

Metal sheets are becoming an increasingly common material to use for roofing. The notable advantages are that it’s lightweight, meaning less stress on foundations and frames; it has nature-resistant properties, with reasonable durability; and they usually have a coating of paint to act as a weather-repelling seal. The only downside to this kind of roofing is that if you need to walk on the roof, you’ll need to where the frames are attached to the roof, so as to not make dents on the metal sheeting. This kind of roof can be particularly tricky to install, so a professional roofer will need to handle the roof installation.

Flat roof

When it is not properly sealed, this roof is notorious for its not-so-resistant properties. When it is properly maintained, a flat roof can be great. It will also be safer to work on, since there is no immediate danger of losing your balance, as there is no slope to deal with. If you want a certain look for your home, you may want to consider this type of roof. Since the surface area is smaller than a sloped roof, installation and maintenance costs may be cheaper. Consult with a roof installation contractor for information on coatings you can use for this type of roof.

Shingle roof

Typically made of asphalt, this is the most popular choice. This is mainly due to their known durability and ease of installation. This roof comes in several different styles and configurations and is fairly temperature-and-water resistant. Although discoloration can occur over time and walking on the shingles should be avoided, this roof will definitely last for a respectable period of time.

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