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Common Roof Problems

When to Call a Roofing Service Professional

After being exposed to heavy rain, falling tree branches, harsh sunlight, and even snow and hail, every roof faces wear-and-tear challenges like every other part of the household. This means that a careful eye and constant maintenance will be needed to keep the roof in its best possible shape. Enumerated below are the most common faults and problems in a roof system that can lead to the need for a roof repair service:

Leakage and dampness

One of the most formidable enemies of a roof is water exposure. As long as the roof is sealed properly with some form of sealant or paint, your roof should be quite safe. However, if there are any imperfections in the application of the finish, this can put the roof at great risk of rot or rust, on both the roof itself and the ceiling inside. A roofing service will be able to locate any troublesome areas and fix them accordingly.

Ventilation blockage

To keep the roof from heating up like a furnace during the day, vents are usually placed on the bottom of the roof to let cool air in and allow warm air to leave through the top. If the flow of air is affected by birds building their nests in the vents, there is nowhere for the air to go. This will cause heat and moisture buildup. If left untreated, extensive damage can happen to the roof’s framework and structure, so make sure to check the vents from time to time. A trusted roofer can identify any ventilation and temperature problems and have these rectified.

Irregular maintenance

We cannot stress enough how important it is to always do a periodic comprehensive check on your roof. The cost of checking your roof once in a while will greatly offset any costs you could face by having to hire a roof repair service to fix something that could have been avoided if it had been spotted earlier. Just be sure to attend to the damage as quick as possible to avoid problems down the line.

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